The sheet deep drawing is an industrial process in which sheet metal is deformed plastically and assumes a box , cylindrical or cup shape.

This procedure means you can make objects with a cavity such as beverage containers.


I.C.O.S. is a Bologna company which machines sheet metal and, thanks to its internal departments, from design to quality control and testing, is specialised in processes such as:


  • lbending iron sheeting
  • deep drawing of sheet metal
  • the moulding of sheet metal for moulds
  • the moulding of sheet metal for jigs
  • sheet-metal pressing for cutting tools
  • components for the automotive industry
  • components for the household appliance sector
  • components for the building industry 

Use for containers

In particular deep-drawing is a type of metalworking useful for forming laminae which, depending on the properties of the metal, the sheet thickness, and a number of other parameters, are ready for use as a "container", such as cans, but also sinks and parts of automobile bodies.


I.C.O.S., with headquarters in Via Curiel 4 in Zola Predosa, in the province of Bologna, also serves the cities of Turin, Reggio Emilia and Modena.


For any further information, to request a quote or more details please contact us: our staff, courteous, competent and qualified, are at your disposal to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

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