Through the various departments, the company performs work on all types of materials, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals. 
The processing of raw materials starts with cutting and bending, with the use of machinery for the manufacture of the various components to be assembled.  
The two laser cutting stations 4000W, with 4 automated sheet metal store towers, are able to machine up to a 10 mm thickness for aluminium alloys, 20 mm for iron and 15 mm for stainless steel. They enable continuous unsupervised machining, significantly reducing product delivery times. 
The mixed optics 1500W laser cutting station implements elements that require a high degree of precision. 
The Department also has a third laser cutting station for small-scale productions. We have recently introduced a new technology:3D LASER.
This technology facilitates 3D cutting with the laser, even for parts that were previously deep-drawn, made from moulds and produced within our facility. PRESSING DEPARTMENT

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