Metal moulding means you can define the shape of a material and make it to accurate measurements. For metals, this process can take place either cold or hot using casting.


I.C.O.S. Leonelli Marino spa is a company which makes moulds and moulding for sheet metal, for bending and deep drawing sheet metal for manufacturing:


  • moulds
  • jigs and shearing tools
  • precision components for the building industry, to make compressors and small appliances.


3D and CAD departments


I.C.O.S., active for over fifty years in the outskirts of Bologna Zola Predosa and also operating on Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Parma has all the internal departments needed for product design - even customised to the customer's request, made possible thanks to 3D and CAD technology- and subsequent machining.


The moulding phase in the production process


In particular, the moulding of sheet metal is a very important stage in the production process, since it is when the metal part is cold pressed and if required sheared using mechanical presses and latest generation and variably sized hydraulic equipment.



Experience in metalworking


With a solid experience behind them, with a staff of over 50 highly qualified and skilled employees and very competitive prices, the company puts itself forward on the market as one of the best in the field.

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