I.C.O.S. Leonelli Marino is an industrial firm active in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, since 1950, but also operating in the territory of Rimini, Milan and Turin, specialised in precision machining and processing of sheet metal and metal punching .


We perform laser cutting of sheet metal, without shape constraints and with varying thicknesses.



Laser cutting and production of tubular profiles


In our industry the laser cutting technique has been favoured for sheet cutting operations and for machining tubular profiles. This technology allows us to:


  • complex profiles
  • quality of the cut and finish
  • machining flexibility
  • speed of execution


because no moulds or punches have to be prepared.



The stages of sheet metal machining 

In the production company I.C.O.S. stages of processing are:


  • Design
  • Vibrofinishing
  • Testing
  • production
  • Quality control



Advanced technology Precision


Our laser cutting systems are technologically advanced, all interfaced with a CAD CAM system, and mean you can meet any cutting requirement.



Quality metal products


I.C.O.S. makes this feasible not only thanks to a specialised and highly trained team for their duties, but also thanks to the interior departments - from design through vibro-finish of the product through to quality control and testing - and an advanced and updated park of machines.


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