Speed, accuracy and service standardisation: robotised welding, unlike that manual, means you can meet these parameters, thus making for a very high quality intervention with certified results. 
I.C.O.S. is a leading group in metalworking and bending and sheet metal processing. 
Welding operations are carried out at the Bologna plant using numerical control robot the latest generation, meaning you can manufacture small and large series, even for complex metal assemblies.

Welding robot

The company has several work stations, including robotic welding lathes equipped with Multifunction pliers, which means the welding piece can be positioned directly on the machine. 
The robotised units include TIG and MIG welding equipment ideal for achieving specific machining objectives: the staff at I.C.O.S. is always available to provide personal advice and thus ensure the customer can choose the correct action.


The arms of our welding systems operate pendular on rotor tilters, ensuring the manufacture of high reliability and accuracy.

For information, for a quick quote or to know all the intervention options of the Bologna company, do not hesitate to contact the head office: we even make weld assemblies, for every need.

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