Iron sheet metal bending is just one of the processes covered at I.C.O.S. Leonelli Marino, based in Zola Predosa - near Bologna - but also active throughout Milan, Turin, Reggio Emilia and Parma, and which handles the machining of metal laminates and the sheet metal deep drawing.



Metal engineering and metallurgical sectors of specialisation


The company opened its doors in 1950 and since then has specialised in the engineering and metalworking sectors, machining sheet metal for the production of:


• moulds
• jigs
• cutting tools


and more generally components for industrial uses in:


• Automotive
• appliances
• Building
• plant.



Stages of metal machining


Following product design, made possible using tools such as CAD and 3D, ensured by our technical department, iron sheet bending is one of the early stages.

Here the metal, pressed by our latest machinery technology (pressing machines, also numerically controlled), can finally take the desired shape and be laser cut to allow for very high precision.

The result are metal products manufactured according to pre-defined measures and detailed finishing.

I.C.O.S. is at your disposal to answer your questions as quickly as possible and to provide more details about production.

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